Pro Electric Sound and Lighting Ltd


About the company

Pro Electric Sound and Lighting Ltd. engages in the import and marketing of Sound equipment, lighting and musical instruments in Israel for the professional and private consumer.

  • Import and marketing of sound and lighting equipment for wholesale customers with over 40 stores and professional integrators throughout the State of Israel.
  • Sales and installation of professional sound systems for various businesses and institutions such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, stores, recording studios and more…
  • Sale and installation of lighting equipment for event halls, theaters, museums and amplification companies.
  • Sale of video projection equipment – projectors, projection screens, LED video screens and related accessories

The company was established in 2010 and since then provides professional and quality solutions to a clientele that grows significantly every year.

The company was founded by the brothers Yuval and Omar Malka, musicians at heart and avid sound lovers with a vision to provide a professional home and broad knowledge to the people of the sound, lighting and music industry in Israel with quality products and professional support throughout the entire purchase experience for both private and professional audiences.



Our clients include

the Ministry of Defense in Israel, the Israel Police, the Nature and Parks Authority, the Kan Broadcasting Corporation, 11 Haifa museums, the Hermon site, the Nature and Parks Authority, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the Society for the Protection of Nature, Schneider Hospital, the Upper Galilee Regional Council, the Municipality Ashdod, Ariet Safed, Ariet Haifa, Ariet Kiryat Shmona, the Gosherim Hotel, the Galilee Hotel, Arutz, 14 Ariet Herzliya and more…







products and services

Pro Electric offers a professional solution for a particularly wide audience in a variety of fields:

  • Amplification equipment: speakers, mixers, microphones, sound cables, bags and cases, stands, sound processors, amplifiers and more…

Musical instruments: guitars, electric pianos and organs, drums and percussion instruments, stringed instruments and musical accessories

  • Studio equipment: sound cards, recording microphones, studio monitors, studio acoustics and related accessories
  • Lighting equipment: Thomas LED lights, smart lights, effect lights, smoke and fog machine, laser machine, stands and various stage lighting accessories
  • Planning services, accompaniment and installation of advanced sound systems and smart lighting equipment with a professional installation team that is supervised and managed by Omer (one of the company’s owners) Oz and Eliel, senior leaders in the world of amplification in Israel and with over 20 years of experience in the professional amplification industry.

A professional laboratory that knows how to provide an official importer warranty if necessary to our private and professional customers with a huge stock of spare parts in order to provide a quick response to our customer without the need for a long wait

  • Transportation services of the equipment with a delivery team that provides daily distribution all over the country with the purchased equipment to both distribution stores, private and professional customers



Our brands






  • Our company consists of a team of 20 outstanding employees who were chosen very carefully for the benefit of the company’s family-like nature with many years of experience in their field

Insert photos of the entire staff:

  • One of the leading online sales sites in Israel with over 100,000 hits per month, of which 60,000 are unique hits. Website address:


With a logistics team and a smart ordering system that is perfectly synchronized and allows us to send over 300 packages per month to the entire country. (an unprecedented figure for a small country like Israel)

  • We have a main showroom measuring 500 meters with two floors where the variety of equipment and brands are displayed for impressions.
  • Warehouses with a size of 1500 square meters in total which store our import stock to provide stock availability as much as possible with over 2000 different items which are managed in an orderly and controlled manner by



We believe in knowledge

Knowledge is the most important tool to find what we are looking for and need. When we have the right knowledge, we know how to provide the most accurate products for our customers and provide the most correct support, thus avoiding as many unwanted surprises along the way as possible. Our team is busy developing and learning all the time in order to be better at what we do. This approach provides us with success since 2010 when the company was established and thanks to it we reach achievements and growth.






Our customers are our best ambassadors

We attach great importance to the most convenient and transparent purchasing experience, whether it is a private customer, an amplification company or a store that distributes our products.

Thanks to this belief, we were able to create on our website one of the most convenient and smart systems in our field in Israel, which enables a quick purchase on the website and provides all the necessary information so that the customer is sure that he is purchasing the right product for him with photos, videos, information about the products, along with a telephone response from our representatives who accompany In a professional and thorough manner every client from small to large.

This purchasing experience allows our private and wholesale customers to choose us time and time again as a preferred supplier.






Community support

Every year we define an annual budget with which we take part in supporting various events of charitable organizations in Israel by donating musical instruments and amplification equipment to non-profit organizations, aid centers for cancer patients, and aid organizations for families in need out of social solidarity and the belief “love your neighbor as yourself”